Peace Nails! ☮

Hello!  I am more than just busy or stressed.  I have never been so out of control in my life.  There are SO many things that need to be done.  So this is just a quick nail design post.  I won’t really be able to say much about it.  But I couldn’t just NOT post something.

The base color is “Grape Juice” by China Glaze. 🙂

And I used Sally Hansen’s nail art pen in white to make the letters. 🙂

By the way, the thumb has a “P” on it, so it spells “PEACE”. lol.

I hope you like them!  I actually only kept them on for about a day.  Lol.  That happens WAY too often.

The pink and the green are super neon bright.  VERY colorful.  VERY psychedelic.

We could a use a little peace in our world. 🙂

I took pictures of my nails as I did each step of the design, so I might put up a tutorial later.

And I’m so tired.  I pulled an all-nighter last night.  Not healthy.  But it was necessary.

For a while, expect most updates on the weekends!~

♥ ☮


e.l.f. Royal Purple

So. Let me first say that I have never heard of e.l.f. Cosmetics until I received some e.l.f. nail polish from my aunt last December. In case you are like me pre-December, and don’t know of this brand, e.l.f stands for Eyes, Lips, and Face. Which is kind of funny, because nail polish doesn’t go on your eyes, lips, or face. 🙂 But, yeah, they have nail polish.

I took a look at their website the other day, and saw that all the makeup is really cheap. And the nail polish is only $1. So… I’ve heard some people say to be aware when using their make up. Well, I don’t use their make up. Just some nail polish. I have five polishes from e.l.f. and I have fallen in love with two colors. Sunset, and Royal Purple.

Here is my review on e.l.f.’s Royal Purple. Here is a photo of the bottom of the bottle and the bottle itself.

The color is gorgeous.  In real life, the color is deeper, and more purple than the photo.  The photo makes it look almost like magenta, which has a more red color, while Royal Purple is by no means magenta, it is purple. I used 3 coats.  The more coats you put on, the darker it will look.  So just one coat looks kid of like the color in the photo, while 2 or 3 coats makes the polish on the nail a deep, dark-ish purple.

The color is metallic-like, with a shimmer to it.  It is a dark purple, that looks nice all by itself. 🙂

I don’t know if this is with all e.l.f. nail polish, but when I used Royal Purple today, it was slightly gloppy and thick.  This was just my experience with this color.  I’ve had this bottle since December, and this is really the only color I used out of my 5 bottles of e.l.f. nail polish, so it’s been frequently opened and exposed to air, so I’m guessing that’s why it’s thick while the other polishes are still fine.

I love the color.  And I’ll definitely continue using it.  It’s cheap polish.   Nothing wrong with that.  I’m just not sure if it’s bad for your nails or not…

My favorite all time brand is China Glaze.  They just have so many amazing colors.  Just saying.

So… if you’ve ever tried e.l.f. Cosmetics, what are your thoughts about it?  I would love to get some opinions.  ALSO!  If you know of any other brands that have a color polish similar to this, please let me know!  Because I love this color.

♥ ☮