O.P.I: You Don’t Know Jacques!

The exclamation point in the title is not because of enthusiasm for this polish, it’s part of the name!  The way I said that makes it sound like I don’t like this polish.  Eek.  Ok, let me rephrase… or better yet, let me just say, I LOVE this polish.  For MANY reasons, which you are about to read about. 🙂

So!  On with the review.  Here are the standard pictures of the bottom of the bottle and the bottle itself:

First let me say, with this polish, it was IMPOSSIBLE to get the color exactly translated into a photo.  I took , oh gosh, I don’t know HOW many photos, playing with different light, different times of the day… And I managed to get the right color with “Ruby Pumps” when I used natural light from  my window.  Unfortunately, where I live, it has been overcast for several days, and for the past two days, it HAS NOT STOPPED RAINING.  Which is annoying because school is now in session.

The color above in the photo, honestly, looks NOTHING like the actual nail polish color.  I just really wanted to write this review, but I have better pictures on this post if you keep reading.

The actual color is much darker.  And will be shown and explained in this review. 🙂

I have several pictures that are pretty close to the color.  So here’s some:

This photo was taken in my bathroom, over the sink, which has a large window.  But it still has the influence of fluorescent lighting.  The photo nails look like a dark brown, but it’s really a gray/brown.

This polish changes color in different lighting.  Not literally, as if it were a mood ring, but depending on the lighting, sometimes “You Don’t Know Jacques!” is more gray than brown and sometimes more brown than gray.

This is a picture right next to the window, letting in natural light.  This is pretty close to to the actual color.

It looks SO BROWN, but it’s NOT!

I can keep putting up more photos and continue to confuse you, but I won’t.  And if you’ve read up to here, I congratulate you, because I’m really just rambling nonsense about this color.  I’m going to give up on the photos and just give you my personal opinion/experience with “You Don’t Know Jacques!”

Little background to this.  I have always wanted to get O.P.I polish but I could never find it!  And finally, one day, I was at the mall helping a friend pick out a ring at a kiosk.  While my friend payed for the ring, I stood on the side, just looking around, and right across the kiosk was Trade Secret.  Now, I’ve gone to this mall my entire life.  I’ve walked past this store over a hundred times.  I always thought they just sold shampoos, hair care products, and the like.  But when I glanced at the store, I saw a rack a nail polish.  And I thought, “Oh! They sell polish.”  Then I saw a big sign on the rack that said O.P.I.  I can’t quite describe the feeling I had.  But I hope one day you can feel the way I did.  😀

So, here’s the ACTUAL review. Lol.  Sorry for making you read all this other stuff.  So this was my first time using O.P.I and I think I might have a new favorite nail polish brand.  You get your money’s worth, for sure!  This is quality polish.  The application process is so smooth!  The more polish you put on, the darker it gets, as with most polishes.  I used three coats.

“You Don’t Know Jacques!” is a creme polish, and it is a brown/gray color, also known as taupe.  I noticed that in the fluorescent light it’s more gray than anything else.  A dark gray.

I fell in love with this polish immediately because it’s so different.  It’s a unique color.  Not even CLOSE to anything I have in my collection.  It’s a great fall color.  Perfect for the upcoming months! 😀

It dries fast, removal is fine. AND.  It’s so shiny!  After three coats, it looked like I was already wearing a top coat!  It looked like glass!  And my nails felt like glass too!  It was SO SMOOTH.  I couldn’t stop feeling my nails.  Creepy much?!

I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone!

And I know I said I would have something posed on Monday, and actually, I started typing this yesterday.  I had every intention of posting it.  But then it was getting late, and I still wasn’t done typing, and I was getting frustrated with the lack of good, color-right photos.  So I just gave up and went to bed.

One last try!  *sigh* I just can’t get the color right.  That’s probably the only irritating thing about this polish.  It does NOT like to be photographed.  I can’t blame it.  I don’t like to be either. 😀

♥ ☮


O.P.I Nail Lacquer

I shouldn’t be on the computer right now.  I shouldn’t have gone to the mall today.  There’s a lot of things in life that we SHOULDN’T do, but we them ANYWAY.  Like for example, today I was supposed finish my summer reading for school.  But I had accidentally discovered the other day that the mall by my house has O.P.I Nail Lacquer.  I went into a fit.  Sort of.  I kind of just jumped around and got all excited.  Do I have problems?  Maybe.  I ramble because I have so many things I need to say!

Anyway!  So there’s a Trade Secret in the mall and when life hands you nail polish, you don’t say no.  So that’s how I ended up going to Trade Secret today and got my first three O.P.I bottles of polish EVER!  I always just had China Glaze and some other small brands.  I have been CRAVING for O.P.I.  And now I have it!  SCORE FOR ME! 😀

SO.  I don’t have time to review each of the three bottles right now.  But I WILL have the reviews sometime next week, along with several other posts that I have been putting off because I am a procrastinator and left all my school work for summer the week before school starts.  I had three months.  And I leave it for 7 days.  *sigh*

Oh well.  I always get it done anyway!   Here are the three polishes I got!

Aren’t they beautiful…  They look so… OFFICIAL.  Is it sad that nail polish makes me so happy?

I got “Heart Throb” which is a light pink.  “Fiercely Fiona” which is a light yellow-green (from O.P.I’s “Shrek” collection).  And “You Don’t Know Jacques” which is a brown/gray color (from O.P.I’s France Collection).  And I’m wearing that right now. Lol.

I don’t have time to dawdle too much over the polish.  I’ll have the reviews up soon.  Until then!

♥ ☮