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Well, if you’ve read some of my other posts, you would know that I kind of sort of left most (ALL) of my school work to the last week to do it, while I had a whole summer.  But let’s not dwell on that.  It just means that I’m really busy right now and don’t have time to post anything new.  BUT!  School starts Monday, and by then, I’ll have had all my summer work done, and hopefully I’ll be able to post something!  There are SO MANY things I want to put up.  And I thought, why not tell the good people what’s coming up and what to get excited for!?  Lol.  So here’s a list of what I have in mind:

  • Review:  O.P.I’s “You Don’t Know Jacques!”
  • Review:  O.P.I’s “Heart Throb”
  • Review:  O.P.I’s  “Fiercely Fiona”
  • Nail Design:  Funfetti Nails (The Purple Nails I did for PHD’S challenge)
  • Nail Design:  Valentine Nails (The Red Nails I did for PHD’S challenge)
  • Nail Design:  Vintage Nails (I used Konad!)

So, yep.  That’s what I have planned.  I already have all the pictures for three of them.  I just need to type them up.  The nail design posts I’ll just do what I usually do by having a photo(s) and telling you all what I used, how I did it, etc., etc…

I hope you don’t mind my few days of hiatus!  But I will be back!  I PROMISE.  Nothing can keep me away from this blog for long!

♥ ☮


O.P.I Nail Lacquer

I shouldn’t be on the computer right now.  I shouldn’t have gone to the mall today.  There’s a lot of things in life that we SHOULDN’T do, but we them ANYWAY.  Like for example, today I was supposed finish my summer reading for school.  But I had accidentally discovered the other day that the mall by my house has O.P.I Nail Lacquer.  I went into a fit.  Sort of.  I kind of just jumped around and got all excited.  Do I have problems?  Maybe.  I ramble because I have so many things I need to say!

Anyway!  So there’s a Trade Secret in the mall and when life hands you nail polish, you don’t say no.  So that’s how I ended up going to Trade Secret today and got my first three O.P.I bottles of polish EVER!  I always just had China Glaze and some other small brands.  I have been CRAVING for O.P.I.  And now I have it!  SCORE FOR ME! 😀

SO.  I don’t have time to review each of the three bottles right now.  But I WILL have the reviews sometime next week, along with several other posts that I have been putting off because I am a procrastinator and left all my school work for summer the week before school starts.  I had three months.  And I leave it for 7 days.  *sigh*

Oh well.  I always get it done anyway!   Here are the three polishes I got!

Aren’t they beautiful…  They look so… OFFICIAL.  Is it sad that nail polish makes me so happy?

I got “Heart Throb” which is a light pink.  “Fiercely Fiona” which is a light yellow-green (from O.P.I’s “Shrek” collection).  And “You Don’t Know Jacques” which is a brown/gray color (from O.P.I’s France Collection).  And I’m wearing that right now. Lol.

I don’t have time to dawdle too much over the polish.  I’ll have the reviews up soon.  Until then!

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PHD’S “Song Inspiration” Challenge

Polish Hoarder Disorder‘s most recent challenge is “Song Inspiration” which means you pick a song and find a way to translate the lyrics and its meaning onto your fingernails!  Quite a challenging challenge, no?  Lol.  But I guess that’s why they’re called challenge.  To challenge your creativity with your nails!  I plan on entering designs for all the Weekly Challenges because they are so much fun to do!  Anyone can participate!  And it’s a great way to interact with people online who also have a nail obsession.  It makes me feel not quite so strange.

If you want to check out everyone’s nail designs for the challenge, click this link! http://polishhoarderdisorder.blogspot.com/2010/08/challenge-gallery-song-inspiration.html

Here are the photos I submitted:

Song: “White Houses” by Vanessa Carlton

Song: “City of Blinding Lights” by U2


I’ll probably make separate posts for each nail design, explaining how  I did it, what I used, etc.  But I know I’ll definitely make one for the “City of Blinding Lights” because I took a BUNCH of pictures while I did the nails.  So I have pictures of the nails in process.  And I’ll get some better, close up pictures of the design.

Unfortunately I have to make this post short because I am REALLY behind on my reading for school.  I would LOVE to keep typing and even type up more posts, but I can’t afford to.  I’ve already wasted enough time as it is.

But I’ll definitely have more to say later.  I don’t know when that “later” is, but I’ll figure it out.

♥ ☮


Funky Pink and Black Nails

I’m back with another nail design that I did not too long ago.  Maybe a month.  I have all these photos of nail designs that I’ve done, and now I can share them with the world through my blog.

This nail design is very… glittery. 🙂  And sparkly. 😀

First my nails looked like this:

And then I decided I wanted all my nails to match, so I redid the fourth finger to match the others.  And then to give the design a little something, a little “je ne sais quoi,” I added a rhinestone to each nail!  I love my rhinestones.  I hope you know that.  So this is what my nails ended up looking like:

Polishes used:

  • Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition: Byte
  • It’s So Easy Stripe Rite: Silver
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Black Out

I really like this design!  It’s simply, but it’s nice.  And I love the color combination.  I have ALWAYS thought black and pink went well together.

So, first I just applied “Byte” as a base color.  I waited for Byte to dry.  Then I used “Black Out” on the tips of my nails, like a French manicure. Wait for that to dry.  Then I used the Silver glitter polish.  It has a thin brush so it’s easy to make a nice clean line.  Lastly, I added the rhinestones.  And obviously I applied a base and top coat.  I never mention that I use a base and top coat, but I always do, and I think it’s obvious!

Now, these nails are kind of a wild French manicure.  The hot pink and black combo kind of makes it look punk-chic.  SO.  In my opinion, this would be really cool for prom, if it you have a black dress, especially if it’s accented with pink.  It’s a daring nail design. 😀 Do you agree?

♥ ☮


China Glaze: Ruby Pumps

It’s time for another one of my random reviews. 😀 And it’s a review on a nail polish by my favorite brand. CHINA GLAZE! So, let’s just dive into it.
Here is my review on none other than China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps. Here are some photos of the bottom of the bottle and the bottle itself:

Ruby Pumps is a bright, red glitter nail polish.  It’s very “Valentine’s Day.”  It reminds me of a glitterfied version of China Glaze’s Sacred Heart (Neon).  This polish is so much fun to use!  It dries really fast and goes on nice and smooth, despite the glitter!  I love smooth polishes.  Just applying the polish is fun.  I can’t describe what it is like to apply “Ruby Pumps”, so you have to get it for yourself and find out the fun that you are missing.

It’s… so… glittery.  It SPARKLES in the light!  It’s fun to look at your nails when wearing “Ruby Pumps”.  I could look at my nails all day.  Is that vain?  Who knows.

This is a picture taken by my window, using sunlight, to show off the sparkles.  The color in this photo is pretty spot on!  Which seems to rarely happen whenever I take pictures.  I guess the natural lighting is better than the light from the lamp on my desk that I usually use.  But the problem here is that I usually take all the photos at night.  And the sun USUALLY isn’t around at night. Lol.

This photo was taken using the light from my desk lamp.  As you can see, the color is a little bit different from the photo above.  I like the first photo better, but I decided to put this up to show the comparisons.  Oh!  Please pardon the fact that there’s extraneous nail polish on the sides of my nails.  I’m a messy (sorta) painter when it comes to simply putting on a base color.  It saves me time to just quickly put on the base color, rather than apply it carefully. Lol.  Once the polish dries, I always just peel off the extra polish.  It’s just my way of doing nails.  Not very professional, but oh well.

I wanted everyone to see how glittery this polish really is, so I took a couple of up close pictures to show you!  And you can click on the photos to enlarge them, and see greater detail!

So. I had a lot of fun with “Ruby Pumps.”  And I don’t see how anyone could not.  I really can’t think of one bad quality about this color.  Goes on smoothly, dries quickly, looks GORGEOUS.  There’s nothing not to love. 🙂  I think that wraps up the review.

EDIT: Aug. 29, 2010:  There is ONE thing not to love about this polish.  For people who know about polish, you already know this, but “Ruby Pumps” IS a glitter polish, meaning, it’s a PAIN to remove.  But that’s it. 😀

♥ ☮


Rhinestone Mania

I’m back!  And tired.  And sad.  Seven hours of driving takes a lot out of you.  And now my sister is all settled in her dormitory.  And now I’m alone.  But I guess it’s just another part of life and growing up.  Anyway, you aren’t here to hear about my personal problems, you’re here for rhinestones!

I love rhinestones.  Simple as that.  But if you put too many on one nail, it looks gaudy.  But if that’s the look you’re going for, then by all means, go ahead. Rhinestones give that extra “je ne sais quoi.”  Which is French for “I don’t know what,” but is used in English as a way of describing a quality that makes something distinctive or attractive,  a “certain something”.  For example, “She has a certain je ne sais quoi about her.” 😀  I love saying that phrase.  And I have an excuse because I’m half-French! Ha!

Can you tell that I love this color?  I’ve been obsessed with it lately.  It’s China Glaze’s Turned Up Turquoise (Neon).  If you want to know more specifics about this color, go to my post for Autumn Tree Nails.  I have a good paragraph describing the color. But I will quickly say that my camera is unfortunately incapable of capturing the true color of this polish. It’s Turned Up TURQUOISE. It looks strictly BLUE in the photo. But it’s actually more green than blue in real life. Just trust me when I say that it’s a really nice color.

Now, the rhinestones, they’re different sizes.  Which was done purposely. 🙂  I got them at Walgreens. They’re the kind with the sticky back to them, so you just stick them on your nail, but I took off the little stickers, because I like putting on my rhinestones the way I always do.

Anyhow. Rhinestones add bling, glam, and bedazzle to your nails!  And they’re good attention getters!  If you want your nails to be noticed, bedazzle them with rhinestones!

My favorite rhinestone to use is the classic silver, which is seen in these photos.  I think this is most people’s favorite.  And it’s classic for a reason.  It goes with ANY nail color or design you have!  VERY versatile.  I LOVE IT!

I only have one rhinestone wheel and the rhinestones I got from Walgreens.  I got the wheel at a kiosk in the mall, for a really good price, but unfortunately, that kiosk is gone.  If I would have known that, I would have stocked up. Haha.  So I’m pretty limited when it comes to rhinestones.  But I LOVE them and I WANT them, but the only other place I know of that has them is Sally’s, and that store is so darn expensive.  I refuse to pay $12 for a wheel that only has a few stones that I would use up like water.  So, yeah, I have to go find some place that has some good prices.  Because I would LOVE to have some star-shaped and some heart-shaped stones!

♥ ☮


French Manicure

Well, I’m leaving to help my sister move into her dorm for college so I’ll be gone for three days.  I leave tomorrow morning (very early) and get back Friday.  It’s a 7 hour drive up.  Oh the joys.  But I REALLY wanted to post something for the 18th so I’m typing this the night before.  And I’ll post it up when I wake up tomorrow.  Sound good?  And I’m going to try to post something on Friday, when I get back. 😀

Okay, so.  Let me start by saying I love French manicures.  I AM half French. 🙂  They are simple, classy, elegant, and ageless.  They will NEVER go out of style, and you can wear them with anything!  Anytime, anywhere.  They’re just THAT versatile.

So, I painted my nails a French manicure the other day and took a bunch of pictures.  I always take like 20 pictures of my nails and then only post 1 or 2.  I don’t want to just fill the blog with photos, no matter how fun that sounds.  But I might do that with this post, considering that most people know how to do a French manicure, so there’s no need to explain how I did it.  But I’ll still tell you what I used.

I used “Sweet Blush” by Orly for the base, and China Glaze’s “White on White” for the tips.  Now, “Sweet Blush” is a great nail polish, it goes on really smooth, but it is not for everyone.  “Sweet Blush” matches MY skin tone pretty well, but it may not match yours.  But don’t fret!  Orly’s French manicure polishes has a bunch of different pink colors. 🙂  And the “White on White” is just a simple white.  Any white polish will do.

Some people will use the stickers for the tips, to make a perfectly curved line.  I, on the other hand, do not use them.  I’ve tried it a few times, and it’s fine, but I just prefer doing it myself.

Photo time!  Here are pictures of my left hand.

Unfortunately, my pointer finger nail broke, so it’s a lot shorter than the rest of my nails.  But I REFUSE to cut my other nails to match.  So I just have to wait for it to grow out.

And here’s a photo of my right hand.

And the pointer finger nail on this hand ALSO broke, but not as short as my left hand, thankfully.  So, yeah, for some reason, it’s ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS the pointer finger nail that breaks.

And here are photos of my rhinestone rainbow that I’m so gosh-darn proud of. 🙂

My left hand, sporting my rhinestone rainbow. I like to call it a “ring for my finger.”

A close up of the rhinestones.  Ignore the fact that my finger looks wrinkly.  Thank you.

♥ ☮


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