O.P.I: Fiercely Fiona

The name of this polish is slightly ironic because there is a hurricane named Fiona that is out and about right now. Lol.  Anyway, as promised, here is my review on O.P.I’s Fiercely Fiona.

Here are the photos of the bottom of the bottle and the bottle itself:

When I was in Trade Secret, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get this color or not.  I had seen pictures of the color, and I thought it was nice, but I wasn’t sure if I would wear it.  So.  Here we go.

You see, in the bottle, the color looks like it might have some green in it.  And maybe because this color is part of O.P.I’s Shrek Collection, I associated this color with green.  But actually, it’s just yellow!  The photo’s color is pretty much spot on, so you can see that it’s kind of a pastel yellow.  It’s not dull like pastel, because it’s bright, but it’s not like “Solar Power” where the yellow is bright like the sun.

It’s a creme polish that goes on super smooth!  I used three coats, which is my norm.  I used thin coats, so maybe you can get away with two thick ones.

I ended up loving this color!  It seems that every color I review, I love.  I don’t do it purposely.  It just happens.  “Fiercely Fiona” is great color for the sunny months, like summer, and it’s also a nice spring color.  But the fall is coming up.  So… maybe now isn’t the best time to wear it. Lol.  But I’m wearing it anyway.  I don’t really follow the season colors anyway.  I just wear what I think is pretty, regardless if it’s black in summer or yellow in autumn.

♥ ☮



Rhinestones, Nail Art, and Konad!

It’s an EXPLOSION of new things!

My order came in!  And the lady gave me four things for free!  I had ordered the two rhinestone wheels and the black and white Konad special nail polish.  But the I got a free L.A. Colors Rapid Dry Top Coat, free minin silver rhinestones (on the bottom left), some interesting bead tattoos (the butterflies), and a free package of some stick on nail art.

I took pictures of all of them!  And close up pictures for you all to see exactly what I got.  If you care. Lol.

These are round-shaped (the normal kind) rhinestones.  These are pretty large, but that is what I’ve been looking for.  I’m excited to use these!

These are my heart-shaped rhinestones!  I’m REALLY excited to use these.  I’ve never had any fun-shaped rhinestones.  I always just had the round ones.  So, expect lots of designs using these heart rhinestones!


This was a freebie!

I probably wouldn’t have bought this if I saw it in a store.  Mainly because it’s stick on nail art.  I don’t like stick on things because usually they look cheap and tacky.  BUT!  I like these!  But instead of sticking it to my nail, I remove the clear sticky part, and apply the rhinestone/design to my nail with a clear coat.  Oh!  By the way, this is from L.A. Colors.


Konad Special Nail Polish!  I never really used Konad because 1.) I was bad at it, 2.) The only special nail polish color I had was silver, 3.) I have very few design plates.  Well, I’ve practiced and have gotten a lot better and I am now the proud owner of two more colors of special nail polish, which will let me give variety to the designs.  I didn’t get anymore plates.  😦  I want to, and I think I will in the future.  I just don’t have any new ones now.

This was another freebie!  It’s slightly ironic that I JUST got a new dry fast top coat.  But hey, now I have another one.  It’s a different brand.  Maybe I’ll do a review, comparing L.A. Colors Quick Dry Top Coat with my Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

But just by looking at the two clear coats, I know that L.A. Colors Quick Dry Top Coat is more liquidy, like water, while Seche Vite is thicker.

I’ll have to try this out and see how good it is. 🙂


Another freebie!  I have to say, these are my favorite kind of rhinestones.  They’re small, silver, elegant, and overall perfect!

I really should get more of this size.


This was a freebie as well. Lol.  Let me start by saying this doesn’t go on your nails.  The butterflies are as big as my entire thumb nail.  And on the back it says “For skin, cloth, or accessory items.”

It seems kind of random to throw this in, but whatever.  It was free.

This product is some kind of “bead tattoo” that I have no idea what I’m going to do with.  Lol.  But it’s pretty, so I’m sure I’ll find a home for it somewhere.

I’m sure you can guess whether or not I had a good day. Lol.  Expect to see all these products used (except the butterflies) in the near future!

♥ ☮


Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Well, the title basically says it all.  Seche Vite is a fast-drying top coat for your nails.  I’ll start with some photos, then dive into the  review!  Here are the mandatory pictures of the bottom of the bottle and the bottle itself:

It seems like all the nail blogs I’ve visited use Seche Vite.  Whoever uses it seems to SWEAR BY IT.  Everyone says it’s the best top coat to use.  So.  I researched it.  I looked it up on Sally Beauty Supply’s website, and checked out the reviews that people gave the product.  It was HIGHLY recommended by everyone.  But some people complained about the strong smell.  So, of course, I had to get it and see for myself what’s up with this top coat.

I got it just two days ago, and have already used it on my nails.  Let me get this out of the way.  The smell?  Well, yes, it’s rather strong if you put your nose up to it. Lol,  But if you can avoid that, I think you’ll agree with me when I say that I just found my new top coat.

It goes on smoothly and it dries super fast!  In seconds!  And it makes your nails feel hard and strong.  There’s no way your polish will chip.

It’s long-lasting and makes your nails super shiny!

I used to have problems with other top coats because there would be little air bubbles in the clear coat, and then they would show up on my nail design, ruining it.  Seche Vite does not do that.

I got Seche Vite at Sally’s for $7.99, and it is completely worth the money.

I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone.  A good top coat goes a long way.

♥ ☮


China Glaze: Grape Juice

Surprised?  Maybe not.  Lol.  This review wasn’t on my To-Do list.  BUT… I ended up wanting to wear purple polish for school, and I thought, “Hey, before I add a design, why not take some pictures, and make a review!”  So, that’s how all this happened.  I’m going to make this as short and sweet as possible. 🙂

So, here’s my review on China Glaze’s Grape Juice.  Here are photos of the bottom of the bottle and the bottle itself:

“Grape Juice” is a purple, glitter polish.  I KNOW.  GLITTER.  Which means it’s not the most fun thing to remove from your nail.  But I don’t really mind that much.  So yeah. 😀  It’s glitter, but even without a top coat, the polish, when dried, feels smooth on the nail.

The application process was enjoyable.  Lol.  The first coat goes on really transparent.  It takes three coats to really build up the color, but I used four coats, as seen in the photo below:

It’s so pretty. 🙂  The color kind of grew on me.  At first, I thought it was just nice.  I wasn’t CRAZY about it, but it’s not like I disliked it.  But the longer I wear it, the more I like “Grape Juice.”  It’s a nice purple that gets darker the more coats you layer on.

I took a picture of a close up of the bottle so you can see the sparkles.

Pretty, no?

You can see the tiny silver flecks of glitter.

The camera managed to capture the color very well for all the photos!  The color of the polish in the photo is spot on to the color in real life.  I like this color a lot, and I recommend it to any one.

It’s not thick and chunky and it’s somewhat subtle.  But it still draws attention.  Good attention!

And the last picture for you all:

Sorry to get off topic, but do I seem less enthusiastic than usual?  I’m just tired from school.  I keep going to sleep late and waking up early.  Oh well.  I still had a good day, and I hope you did too!  And I hope you enjoy the quick, simple review!

Feel free to click on any of the photos to see larger, more-detailed versions of them.

P.S.  I have had “Heart of Gold” by Neil Young stuck in my head all day.

♥ ☮


O.P.I: You Don’t Know Jacques!

The exclamation point in the title is not because of enthusiasm for this polish, it’s part of the name!  The way I said that makes it sound like I don’t like this polish.  Eek.  Ok, let me rephrase… or better yet, let me just say, I LOVE this polish.  For MANY reasons, which you are about to read about. 🙂

So!  On with the review.  Here are the standard pictures of the bottom of the bottle and the bottle itself:

First let me say, with this polish, it was IMPOSSIBLE to get the color exactly translated into a photo.  I took , oh gosh, I don’t know HOW many photos, playing with different light, different times of the day… And I managed to get the right color with “Ruby Pumps” when I used natural light from  my window.  Unfortunately, where I live, it has been overcast for several days, and for the past two days, it HAS NOT STOPPED RAINING.  Which is annoying because school is now in session.

The color above in the photo, honestly, looks NOTHING like the actual nail polish color.  I just really wanted to write this review, but I have better pictures on this post if you keep reading.

The actual color is much darker.  And will be shown and explained in this review. 🙂

I have several pictures that are pretty close to the color.  So here’s some:

This photo was taken in my bathroom, over the sink, which has a large window.  But it still has the influence of fluorescent lighting.  The photo nails look like a dark brown, but it’s really a gray/brown.

This polish changes color in different lighting.  Not literally, as if it were a mood ring, but depending on the lighting, sometimes “You Don’t Know Jacques!” is more gray than brown and sometimes more brown than gray.

This is a picture right next to the window, letting in natural light.  This is pretty close to to the actual color.

It looks SO BROWN, but it’s NOT!

I can keep putting up more photos and continue to confuse you, but I won’t.  And if you’ve read up to here, I congratulate you, because I’m really just rambling nonsense about this color.  I’m going to give up on the photos and just give you my personal opinion/experience with “You Don’t Know Jacques!”

Little background to this.  I have always wanted to get O.P.I polish but I could never find it!  And finally, one day, I was at the mall helping a friend pick out a ring at a kiosk.  While my friend payed for the ring, I stood on the side, just looking around, and right across the kiosk was Trade Secret.  Now, I’ve gone to this mall my entire life.  I’ve walked past this store over a hundred times.  I always thought they just sold shampoos, hair care products, and the like.  But when I glanced at the store, I saw a rack a nail polish.  And I thought, “Oh! They sell polish.”  Then I saw a big sign on the rack that said O.P.I.  I can’t quite describe the feeling I had.  But I hope one day you can feel the way I did.  😀

So, here’s the ACTUAL review. Lol.  Sorry for making you read all this other stuff.  So this was my first time using O.P.I and I think I might have a new favorite nail polish brand.  You get your money’s worth, for sure!  This is quality polish.  The application process is so smooth!  The more polish you put on, the darker it gets, as with most polishes.  I used three coats.

“You Don’t Know Jacques!” is a creme polish, and it is a brown/gray color, also known as taupe.  I noticed that in the fluorescent light it’s more gray than anything else.  A dark gray.

I fell in love with this polish immediately because it’s so different.  It’s a unique color.  Not even CLOSE to anything I have in my collection.  It’s a great fall color.  Perfect for the upcoming months! 😀

It dries fast, removal is fine. AND.  It’s so shiny!  After three coats, it looked like I was already wearing a top coat!  It looked like glass!  And my nails felt like glass too!  It was SO SMOOTH.  I couldn’t stop feeling my nails.  Creepy much?!

I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone!

And I know I said I would have something posed on Monday, and actually, I started typing this yesterday.  I had every intention of posting it.  But then it was getting late, and I still wasn’t done typing, and I was getting frustrated with the lack of good, color-right photos.  So I just gave up and went to bed.

One last try!  *sigh* I just can’t get the color right.  That’s probably the only irritating thing about this polish.  It does NOT like to be photographed.  I can’t blame it.  I don’t like to be either. 😀

♥ ☮


O.P.I Nail Lacquer

I shouldn’t be on the computer right now.  I shouldn’t have gone to the mall today.  There’s a lot of things in life that we SHOULDN’T do, but we them ANYWAY.  Like for example, today I was supposed finish my summer reading for school.  But I had accidentally discovered the other day that the mall by my house has O.P.I Nail Lacquer.  I went into a fit.  Sort of.  I kind of just jumped around and got all excited.  Do I have problems?  Maybe.  I ramble because I have so many things I need to say!

Anyway!  So there’s a Trade Secret in the mall and when life hands you nail polish, you don’t say no.  So that’s how I ended up going to Trade Secret today and got my first three O.P.I bottles of polish EVER!  I always just had China Glaze and some other small brands.  I have been CRAVING for O.P.I.  And now I have it!  SCORE FOR ME! 😀

SO.  I don’t have time to review each of the three bottles right now.  But I WILL have the reviews sometime next week, along with several other posts that I have been putting off because I am a procrastinator and left all my school work for summer the week before school starts.  I had three months.  And I leave it for 7 days.  *sigh*

Oh well.  I always get it done anyway!   Here are the three polishes I got!

Aren’t they beautiful…  They look so… OFFICIAL.  Is it sad that nail polish makes me so happy?

I got “Heart Throb” which is a light pink.  “Fiercely Fiona” which is a light yellow-green (from O.P.I’s “Shrek” collection).  And “You Don’t Know Jacques” which is a brown/gray color (from O.P.I’s France Collection).  And I’m wearing that right now. Lol.

I don’t have time to dawdle too much over the polish.  I’ll have the reviews up soon.  Until then!

♥ ☮


China Glaze: Ruby Pumps

It’s time for another one of my random reviews. 😀 And it’s a review on a nail polish by my favorite brand. CHINA GLAZE! So, let’s just dive into it.
Here is my review on none other than China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps. Here are some photos of the bottom of the bottle and the bottle itself:

Ruby Pumps is a bright, red glitter nail polish.  It’s very “Valentine’s Day.”  It reminds me of a glitterfied version of China Glaze’s Sacred Heart (Neon).  This polish is so much fun to use!  It dries really fast and goes on nice and smooth, despite the glitter!  I love smooth polishes.  Just applying the polish is fun.  I can’t describe what it is like to apply “Ruby Pumps”, so you have to get it for yourself and find out the fun that you are missing.

It’s… so… glittery.  It SPARKLES in the light!  It’s fun to look at your nails when wearing “Ruby Pumps”.  I could look at my nails all day.  Is that vain?  Who knows.

This is a picture taken by my window, using sunlight, to show off the sparkles.  The color in this photo is pretty spot on!  Which seems to rarely happen whenever I take pictures.  I guess the natural lighting is better than the light from the lamp on my desk that I usually use.  But the problem here is that I usually take all the photos at night.  And the sun USUALLY isn’t around at night. Lol.

This photo was taken using the light from my desk lamp.  As you can see, the color is a little bit different from the photo above.  I like the first photo better, but I decided to put this up to show the comparisons.  Oh!  Please pardon the fact that there’s extraneous nail polish on the sides of my nails.  I’m a messy (sorta) painter when it comes to simply putting on a base color.  It saves me time to just quickly put on the base color, rather than apply it carefully. Lol.  Once the polish dries, I always just peel off the extra polish.  It’s just my way of doing nails.  Not very professional, but oh well.

I wanted everyone to see how glittery this polish really is, so I took a couple of up close pictures to show you!  And you can click on the photos to enlarge them, and see greater detail!

So. I had a lot of fun with “Ruby Pumps.”  And I don’t see how anyone could not.  I really can’t think of one bad quality about this color.  Goes on smoothly, dries quickly, looks GORGEOUS.  There’s nothing not to love. 🙂  I think that wraps up the review.

EDIT: Aug. 29, 2010:  There is ONE thing not to love about this polish.  For people who know about polish, you already know this, but “Ruby Pumps” IS a glitter polish, meaning, it’s a PAIN to remove.  But that’s it. 😀

♥ ☮


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