French Manicure

Well, I’m leaving to help my sister move into her dorm for college so I’ll be gone for three days.  I leave tomorrow morning (very early) and get back Friday.  It’s a 7 hour drive up.  Oh the joys.  But I REALLY wanted to post something for the 18th so I’m typing this the night before.  And I’ll post it up when I wake up tomorrow.  Sound good?  And I’m going to try to post something on Friday, when I get back. 😀

Okay, so.  Let me start by saying I love French manicures.  I AM half French. 🙂  They are simple, classy, elegant, and ageless.  They will NEVER go out of style, and you can wear them with anything!  Anytime, anywhere.  They’re just THAT versatile.

So, I painted my nails a French manicure the other day and took a bunch of pictures.  I always take like 20 pictures of my nails and then only post 1 or 2.  I don’t want to just fill the blog with photos, no matter how fun that sounds.  But I might do that with this post, considering that most people know how to do a French manicure, so there’s no need to explain how I did it.  But I’ll still tell you what I used.

I used “Sweet Blush” by Orly for the base, and China Glaze’s “White on White” for the tips.  Now, “Sweet Blush” is a great nail polish, it goes on really smooth, but it is not for everyone.  “Sweet Blush” matches MY skin tone pretty well, but it may not match yours.  But don’t fret!  Orly’s French manicure polishes has a bunch of different pink colors. 🙂  And the “White on White” is just a simple white.  Any white polish will do.

Some people will use the stickers for the tips, to make a perfectly curved line.  I, on the other hand, do not use them.  I’ve tried it a few times, and it’s fine, but I just prefer doing it myself.

Photo time!  Here are pictures of my left hand.

Unfortunately, my pointer finger nail broke, so it’s a lot shorter than the rest of my nails.  But I REFUSE to cut my other nails to match.  So I just have to wait for it to grow out.

And here’s a photo of my right hand.

And the pointer finger nail on this hand ALSO broke, but not as short as my left hand, thankfully.  So, yeah, for some reason, it’s ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS the pointer finger nail that breaks.

And here are photos of my rhinestone rainbow that I’m so gosh-darn proud of. 🙂

My left hand, sporting my rhinestone rainbow. I like to call it a “ring for my finger.”

A close up of the rhinestones.  Ignore the fact that my finger looks wrinkly.  Thank you.

♥ ☮


Rainbow Nails

This colorful nail design I copied from

It is just so fun and colorful, that I HAD to try it.  I did it in the beginning of June.  My nails were relatively short back then.  They’re a lot longer now.  But what’s great about this design is that you don’t need long nails for it.

I used to always, ALWAYS have short nails.  I would bite my nails to the nub, and finally as I got older and grew out of that habit, I still would never be able to grow out my nails because they were constantly breaking.  And when I started painting my nails, I always saw these amazing designs I wanted to try, but couldn’t, because my nails were really short.

I’ve finally been able to grow out my nails.  Which is awesome.  And I refuse to cut them, unless they become ridiculously long.  But I totally think short nails have a nice, clean look about them, and they’re much more practical.


  • China Glaze:  Sacred Heart
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri:  Lightening
  • China Glaze: Turned Up Turquoise
  • L.A. Colors:  Nuclear Energy
  • It’s So Easy Stripe Rite:  Silver
  • China Glaze:  White on White

Pink Prom Nails

As I’ve mentioned before, I did my friend’s nails for her Prom. 🙂  I’m going to call her “Alice” for privacy reasons.  I practiced on myself before I did hers so I could figure out the design I wanted to do for her, without messing up on her.  She gave a photo of the fabric of her dress and I just went from there.

These are my nails.  The design that I made up.  I was just experimenting on the fourth nail.  🙂

These are Alice’s nails at her Prom.  She took the photo. 🙂


  • Elf:  Sunset
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear:  Black Out
  • Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen:  White

The Beginning

These are photos of nails when I first started decorating my nails about a year ago.  These are the “Pre-Digital Camera Days” because back then I just used my web cam to take the pictures of my nails.  Lame.  I know.  The quality is pretty bad, but at least NOW I have my camera to take quality pictures.

Autumn Tree Nails

This is the design I currently have on my nails.  They’re supposed to be autumn trees. 😀  They were really simple to do.  First I just painted my nails turquoise, then, using a thin paint brush I painted the black lines  for the tree, and using a bobby pin as a dotting tool, I added the dots in order: yellow, orange, then red.  Lastly, on each nail I added a small yellow and red rhinestone.  Simple as that.


  • China Glaze: Sacred Heart (Neon)
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Lightening
  • China Glaze: Turned Up Turquoise
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Black Out

A little about the nail polishes:

~The “Turned Up Turquoise” requires a couple coats to get a nice solid color.  I usually go with 3 coats, but the more the better.  It dries REALLY fast.  Only takes a couple seconds.  It dries to a matte finish, giving it a powdery look.  It looks really nice and feels smooth and soft. With the clear coat over it, the color loses its matte finish, turning into a shiny, shimmer-y turquoise, which is still beautiful.  But it’s not quite as special looking as the powdery finish without the clear coat.  BUT.  THERE’S ALWAYS A BUT.  Without a top coat, this color will not last long.  It’s very flaky.

~The “Sacred Heart (Neon)” is the red color.  You can’t see much of it in this photo, just a few dots, BUT, this color should be in every collection.  In my opinion.  This red is gorgeous.  It’s an everyday color that anyone can use.  I’ll have to do a swatch of it sometime so I can show you all how great it is.  It’s very durable.  It LASTS.  It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s great.

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