All Moved In!

I am officially moved in! I have finished moving all of my posts from my WordPress blog onto BlogSpot! I can FINALLY start posting new things! It’s rather exciting. 🙂 There’s still a few things that I have to adjust, but all my old posts are finally up there, so it’s all good!

I don’t have the heart to delete my old blog, so I think I’m just going to leave it alone for now. Maybe I’ll delete it one day.
I have a bunch of nail art designs and new nail polishes to review for future posts! And I might even re-do some of my old reviews on polishes. Just so I can have better pictures and whatnot. 🙂
I want to thank everyone and anyone who has checked out this blog. I appreciate it so much!
I’m going to give a sneak preview of SOME of the things that will be coming shortly. I have A LOT more coming than what I’m telling you. I have a month’s worth of things to post. And so far I’ve done my nails 13 times this month. WOW. That’s not normal. Even by MY standards. Oh well. 🙂 Here’s what to be expecting:

  • Nail Design: Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Nail Design: Pretty in Pink
  • Nail Design: Funfetti Nails
  • Nail Design: Blue with White Dots
  • Nail Design: Palm Tree Nails
  • Nail Design: Black with Yellow Dots
  • Review: O.P.I’s “From A to Zurich”
  • Review: Deborah Lippman’s “All That Jazz” Set. (Includes 3 polishes)
  • Review: China Glaze’s “Shower Together”
  • Review: China Glaze’s “Spontaneous”
  • Review: Revlon’s “Minted”




Hello, Everyone!~

It’s LinZ. I am in the process of moving my current nail blog from WordPress to BlogSpot!

My NEW blog is HERE in case you want to check it out. 🙂

I will be progressively, one by one, be putting up my old posts from here to BlogSpot. I’m not sure how long it’ll take, but I haven’t had much (more like any) extra time lately, so it could take a while before I’m completely settled in. 😀
Until then, enjoy what I already have up, and I hope you’re be looking forward to what is to come. 🙂

♥ ☮

Art Deco Nails

I was playing around with lines and colors and I ended up with this:

Colors Used:

  • O.P.I: Fiercely Fiona
  • China Glaze: Solar Power
  • China Glaze: White on White

I took pictures, step by step, of how I did the design.  So I’ll hopefully have another post with a tutorial on how to do this.  But until ten, enjoy the pictures!  I never intended on making “Art Deco Nails” but they sort of just happened.

Well, I’ve been super busy lately, as you can tell by my lack of updating frequently.  But I promise I will try my best to update as often as I can!

♥ ☮


Peace Nails! ☮

Hello!  I am more than just busy or stressed.  I have never been so out of control in my life.  There are SO many things that need to be done.  So this is just a quick nail design post.  I won’t really be able to say much about it.  But I couldn’t just NOT post something.

The base color is “Grape Juice” by China Glaze. 🙂

And I used Sally Hansen’s nail art pen in white to make the letters. 🙂

By the way, the thumb has a “P” on it, so it spells “PEACE”. lol.

I hope you like them!  I actually only kept them on for about a day.  Lol.  That happens WAY too often.

The pink and the green are super neon bright.  VERY colorful.  VERY psychedelic.

We could a use a little peace in our world. 🙂

I took pictures of my nails as I did each step of the design, so I might put up a tutorial later.

And I’m so tired.  I pulled an all-nighter last night.  Not healthy.  But it was necessary.

For a while, expect most updates on the weekends!~

♥ ☮


What’s New and What’s Coming~

Hello!  I know I’ve been AWOL for a few days.  I haven’t stopped painting my nails.  That will never happen.  But I have been too busy/lazy to post anything.  So this post is for you to know I’m alive and to tell you what’s new and what’s coming.

What’s New:

I added a new page at the top.  It’s called “Nail Design List”.  It’s just an organized list of all the nail design posts I have.  So instead of searching through all the long posts that I’ve made, you can just go to the List and find the design you’re looking for super quickly.  Click the link to check it out!

What’s Coming:

  • Nail Design: Peace Sign
  • Nail Design: Art Deco Nails
  • Nail Design: Funfetti Nails
  • Review: O.P.I’s “From A to Zurich”
  • Review: Deborah Lippman’s “All That Jazz” Set.  (Includes 3 polishes)

Sorry for not posted anything lately.  The next 18 weeks for me will be very stressful.  But don’t worry, I’ll never stop blogging!~

♥ ☮


O.P.I: Fiercely Fiona

The name of this polish is slightly ironic because there is a hurricane named Fiona that is out and about right now. Lol.  Anyway, as promised, here is my review on O.P.I’s Fiercely Fiona.

Here are the photos of the bottom of the bottle and the bottle itself:

When I was in Trade Secret, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get this color or not.  I had seen pictures of the color, and I thought it was nice, but I wasn’t sure if I would wear it.  So.  Here we go.

You see, in the bottle, the color looks like it might have some green in it.  And maybe because this color is part of O.P.I’s Shrek Collection, I associated this color with green.  But actually, it’s just yellow!  The photo’s color is pretty much spot on, so you can see that it’s kind of a pastel yellow.  It’s not dull like pastel, because it’s bright, but it’s not like “Solar Power” where the yellow is bright like the sun.

It’s a creme polish that goes on super smooth!  I used three coats, which is my norm.  I used thin coats, so maybe you can get away with two thick ones.

I ended up loving this color!  It seems that every color I review, I love.  I don’t do it purposely.  It just happens.  “Fiercely Fiona” is great color for the sunny months, like summer, and it’s also a nice spring color.  But the fall is coming up.  So… maybe now isn’t the best time to wear it. Lol.  But I’m wearing it anyway.  I don’t really follow the season colors anyway.  I just wear what I think is pretty, regardless if it’s black in summer or yellow in autumn.

♥ ☮


Rhinestones, Nail Art, and Konad!

It’s an EXPLOSION of new things!

My order came in!  And the lady gave me four things for free!  I had ordered the two rhinestone wheels and the black and white Konad special nail polish.  But the I got a free L.A. Colors Rapid Dry Top Coat, free minin silver rhinestones (on the bottom left), some interesting bead tattoos (the butterflies), and a free package of some stick on nail art.

I took pictures of all of them!  And close up pictures for you all to see exactly what I got.  If you care. Lol.

These are round-shaped (the normal kind) rhinestones.  These are pretty large, but that is what I’ve been looking for.  I’m excited to use these!

These are my heart-shaped rhinestones!  I’m REALLY excited to use these.  I’ve never had any fun-shaped rhinestones.  I always just had the round ones.  So, expect lots of designs using these heart rhinestones!


This was a freebie!

I probably wouldn’t have bought this if I saw it in a store.  Mainly because it’s stick on nail art.  I don’t like stick on things because usually they look cheap and tacky.  BUT!  I like these!  But instead of sticking it to my nail, I remove the clear sticky part, and apply the rhinestone/design to my nail with a clear coat.  Oh!  By the way, this is from L.A. Colors.


Konad Special Nail Polish!  I never really used Konad because 1.) I was bad at it, 2.) The only special nail polish color I had was silver, 3.) I have very few design plates.  Well, I’ve practiced and have gotten a lot better and I am now the proud owner of two more colors of special nail polish, which will let me give variety to the designs.  I didn’t get anymore plates.  😦  I want to, and I think I will in the future.  I just don’t have any new ones now.

This was another freebie!  It’s slightly ironic that I JUST got a new dry fast top coat.  But hey, now I have another one.  It’s a different brand.  Maybe I’ll do a review, comparing L.A. Colors Quick Dry Top Coat with my Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

But just by looking at the two clear coats, I know that L.A. Colors Quick Dry Top Coat is more liquidy, like water, while Seche Vite is thicker.

I’ll have to try this out and see how good it is. 🙂


Another freebie!  I have to say, these are my favorite kind of rhinestones.  They’re small, silver, elegant, and overall perfect!

I really should get more of this size.


This was a freebie as well. Lol.  Let me start by saying this doesn’t go on your nails.  The butterflies are as big as my entire thumb nail.  And on the back it says “For skin, cloth, or accessory items.”

It seems kind of random to throw this in, but whatever.  It was free.

This product is some kind of “bead tattoo” that I have no idea what I’m going to do with.  Lol.  But it’s pretty, so I’m sure I’ll find a home for it somewhere.

I’m sure you can guess whether or not I had a good day. Lol.  Expect to see all these products used (except the butterflies) in the near future!

♥ ☮


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