What’s New and What’s Coming~

Hello!  I know I’ve been AWOL for a few days.  I haven’t stopped painting my nails.  That will never happen.  But I have been too busy/lazy to post anything.  So this post is for you to know I’m alive and to tell you what’s new and what’s coming.

What’s New:

I added a new page at the top.  It’s called “Nail Design List”.  It’s just an organized list of all the nail design posts I have.  So instead of searching through all the long posts that I’ve made, you can just go to the List and find the design you’re looking for super quickly.  Click the link to check it out!

What’s Coming:

  • Nail Design: Peace Sign
  • Nail Design: Art Deco Nails
  • Nail Design: Funfetti Nails
  • Review: O.P.I’s “From A to Zurich”
  • Review: Deborah Lippman’s “All That Jazz” Set.  (Includes 3 polishes)

Sorry for not posted anything lately.  The next 18 weeks for me will be very stressful.  But don’t worry, I’ll never stop blogging!~

♥ ☮